Interview in Liberia Part 3

May 29, 2009

Interview Part 3
Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: Please can you introduce yourself?

My name is Murphee R. Mcgill, a native of Bong County; I am 38 years old and a Teacher by occupation. I reside in Logan Town; you may contact me on +231-777-652-09

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: Where were you during the Liberia Civil war and what were your experiences?

Murphee: “I came to Monrovia when I was 14 years Old and from 1989 to 2003 I was in Liberia even till date. During the war I experienced hunger, intimidation and complete injustice”.

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: How is life treating you in Liberia presently?

Murphee: “No freedom of movement due to the presence of the ECOMOG – UNMIL as to compare before the war. Arm robbery, corruption and fear have eating the fabrics of our land. Our sound health is at stake due to abject poverty; in fact, if you don’t have money you cannot receive treatment in our hospitals despite the presence of the NGO’s in Liberia. Even our education system is not standardized. Our government don’t have a fixed tuition fees for the public and private schools in Liberia. So the school charge the students any amount they feel like….”

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: Do you like this present government?

Murphee: “Yes I do, though the government is coming up with some of her manifesto but there are still many untouched”.

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: Do you have any recommendation to this present government?

Murphee: “I hereby recommend the government to ensure that the past AFL soldiers’ benefits (pension) are granted. The Ministry of Education should make sure that teachers and students’ relationship must not be HAND-OUT PASS, (bribe for grades)
The Ministry of Health and Social welfare should not depend on International NGOs in equipping our hospital because our natural mineral resources will take us a long way. Also the Ministry of Labour should make sure that employment gets to those who have credentials not by the power of last name”.

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: What is your advice to Liberians in Diaspora?

Muphee: “Liberians in the Diaspora should support the government in developing our country; advice the government on what to do and criticize them to know if they ok or not”.


Interview in Liberia Part 2

May 29, 2009

Interview in Liberia part 2

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: Please can you introduce yourself?

My name is Aminata Cassandra Worloh,
I was born in June 28, 1980, at Monrovia, Liberia. I am a student of African Methodist Episcopal University (A.M.E.U), located at Camp Johnson Road. I studying Accounting –major and Economics- minor. I am single and I reside at Saw Mill Community, Free Port, Bushrod Island. You may contact me on 231-6217486,

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: Where were you during the Liberia Civil war and what were your experiences?

Cassandra: During the heat of the war I was able to escape to Sierra Leone where I seek my refuge as a refugee. I experienced humiliation, harassment, and hunger and deprived from freedom of movement.

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: How is life treating you in Liberia presently?

Cassandra: Life in Liberia is not treating me fine since my arrival to Monrovia in 1995. As I lost my father and relatives during the war I find it difficult in sponsoring my education. If not the Sinoe County Scholarship Program I would not have been in school.

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: Do you like this present government?

Cassandra: Yes, she is doing her best yet her best is not enough, because there are still a lot of challenges facing Liberia in area of health , education sector and job opportunity

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: what are the challenges facing your Community (Saw Mill)?

Cassandra: the challenges facing my community are lack of motor able road, toilet, drinkable water, poor drainage system and electricity.

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: Do you have any recommendation to this present government?

Cassandra: I will like to recommend to this present government to improve our education system (both government and private institution) and create employment opportunity. Also equip our health center.

Ceasefireliberia/tituschristworld: What is your advice to Liberians in Diaspora?

Cassandra:I will like to advice Liberians in Diaspora not to forget their sisters and brothers at home because no place is better than home…Liberia is our home. They should also lobby to attract foreign investors to invest in Liberia, even International NGOs to extend their projects to Mama Liberia.

Africa Chained in poverty?

May 29, 2009

Africa Chained in poverty?
“Today they say that we are free, only to be chained in poverty? Good God, I think its illiteracy; it’s only a machine that makes money”. By Robert Nesta marley.(BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS)
Africa should join Liberia and cease fire. And take good care of their natural resources. If we continue in war we will be chained in poverty forever. Liberia and Africa at large cease fire in the spirit of brotherhood not in fear.
Oh Africa! Help the weak if you are strong not fighting one another.
Africa! open your eyes and looks within: are you satisfied (with the life you’re living)? Only our colonial master know ours secret and only them could reveal it. Let us unite, tolerate our differences and love one another else our colonial master will destroy us.


May 13, 2009


What is the legacy our past leaders have left behind?
In the school of thought, what goes around comes around. Was there a leader that led us to an atmosphere of hope, joy and peace? Was there a leader that led us to the dwelling place of indecision and confusion? Was there a leader that led us to the outer space of discrimination, destruction and war? Past leaders discussed history, listened to history and made history…now, the same history judges them.

History will forgive us in any mistake we made in unifying the post war Liberia but history will not forgive us seeing Liberia splintered.

Uncompromised cultured critics will go a long way in re-branding our image. Undiluted revolutionary honour to our past leaders will create a way forward to a brighter future.
Oh! Liberians at home and in the Diaspora let us join the history, in screening, analysing, evaluating, and passing judgement .


“The Challenges Facing Liberian Communities”

May 13, 2009

For the people to enjoy democracy, power has to be shifted from the Privileged to the less privileged in Liberia.

“Never be haughty to the humble; never be humble to the haughty.” By Jefferson Davis (1808 – 1889)

Most of the communities are suffering from flooding along Somalia Drive, opposite CEMENCO, which during the rainy season they must swim through. Mosquitoes have stormed most of the communities in Liberia due to poor environmental sanitation. And bad road networks have prevented community development. Maternity hospitals are not well equipped for child delivery or for emergencies. This is why some children and women die during child birth.

Social and Economic Inequality in Liberia

May 13, 2009

According to Amnesty International, gross economic and social inequality is an enduring reality in Liberia. In the midst of plenty, many are still unable to access even minimum levels of food, water, education, health care, electricity, housing and communication. This is not only the result of the lack of resources, but also unwieldiness, negligence and discrimination by governments, Liberians in the Diaspora and others.

Violations of economic, social and cultural rights are not just a matter of inadequate resources; they are a matter of policy. There are many more prisoners of poverty than prisoners of conscience in Liberia; millions endure the torture of hunger and slow death from preventable disease.

One could take a look in the Red light district, Duala, and waterside market and see how the population is wasting in the street in the name of business instead of going to school; center street, grave yard, ghetto, carley street ghetto, Blamo town ghetto, sand beach ghetto, behind Red Store ghetto and others where these formal child soldiers and hooligans are abusing drugs… launching calculated crime against the innocent citizens instead of facing reintegration and rehabilitation into the society.

Breaking down of prison yards occurs often. The burning down of police stations by mobs of youth has brought security threats to the society. High rates of hardship has fueled our females to go into prostitution, which often leads to rape, unwanted pregnancy and diseases.

And due to public sentiments on the high rate of armed robbery in Liberia the government passed a bill approving the death penalty in 2008, which has not even put a stop to armed robbery, but it has made the so-called hoodlums increase the violence.

Right now the country is running on one bridge (Johnson – Via Town Bridge) since the waterside – Via Town bridge is broken. This has paved the way for economic sabotage due to regular traffic jams in Monrovia. But the government is doing their best to fix it.

Robbers are stealing the nations money every day in the name of misappropriation. Corrupt government officials have decided that the poor masses will not enjoy their economic human rights.

Something has to be done!

Interview in Liberia

May 13, 2009

tituschristworld: Please can you introduce yourself to your brothers and sisters at home and in Diaspora?

My name is Edward Sammy,
I was born in 1978 at kakata, Magibi County, Liberia; I am a student of University of Liberia – Public Administration -major and Sociology-minor
And you can contact me for more information at 24th Street, Airfield, New Road, on 06546687;

tituschristworld: Where were you during the Liberia Civil war and what were your experiences?

Edward: I managed to escape from Bong Mines where my parents were working, to my home town Kolahun District in Lofa County and finally ended up in Guinea for refuge.
Massacre of individuals, long journey, hunger, language and custom barriers in Guinea were among my worst experiences during the war.

tituschristworld: How is life treating you in Liberia presently?

Edward: Haven gone through difficulties in Guinea and I came back home in 1997, my personal experience varies in as much as natural resources are not equally distributed. With my level of understanding; life in Liberia is treating me and other less privileged bad, due to unemployment. Just take a look at my condition whereby I am not working while I am going to school; How do I get my school fees? I am tired of hand to mouth!

tituschristworld: Do you like this present government?

Edward: Yes, for the stability of peace in Liberia, but still need more improvement.

tituschristworld: what are the challenges facing your Community (Airfield)?

Edward: They are lack of clean water, electricity, and poor health center.

tituschristworld: Do you have any recommendation to this present government?

Edward: This government should improve in economic, human rights and social welfare of her citizens, such as creating job opportunities

tituschristworld: What is your advice to those Liberians in Diaspora?

Edward: They should make sure to project and protect our image in Diaspora and contribute in the development of post war Liberia



April 14, 2009


Father Ackerman rose in mild of un-authority ordered the scattered and shattered Liberia to cease fire and condense. “Say no to: gun, war, violence, rape, and discrimination, ethnic strive of Native and Americo Liberia. “That the love of liberty brought us here” or met us here by Dr. S. Malakpana is not the issue but to know, recognise, accept and respect Liberia-the land of liberty. CEASE FIRE LIBERIA here we come”.

There was a low rumbling of heavy sea-boats along the Free Port-Bong Mine Peer of Monrovia and a still slighter shuffling of ten factional rebel’s shoes… all was quiet again and every eye on the preacher.

He paused a little, kneeling in the pulpit’s bow, folded his back hands, closed his eyes and offered a prayer so deeply devout that he seemed kneeling and praying at the bottom of the deepest Coast of Africa (Liberia)
This ended in prolonged solemn tones, like the continual tolling of a bell in a ship flying Liberian flag, in such tones he commenced singing the following:

Gracious lord help us understand who we are
One people, one destiny and one n-a-t-i-o-n
Cease fire Liberia!
Our greatest Reward is salvaging Liberia (2 times)

Merciful lord help us tolerate our differences
One people, one destiny and one n-a-t-i-o-n
Cease fire Liberia!
Our greatest Reward is salvaging Liberia (2 times)

Nearly all joined in singing this song, which swelled high above the howling of the storm. A brief pause ensued; the preacher slowly turned over the leaves of the Bible and at last, folding his hand down upon the page, said: “Liberians! Turn with me quickly to the book of Jonah chapter four verses seventeen: “Now the lord had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah…”

My people, this book, containing only four chapters- four yarns- is one of the smallest strands in the mighty cable of the scriptures.
Yet what depths of the soul Jonah’s deep sea-line sound?
What a pregnant lesson to us is this prophet?
What a noble thing is that canticle in the fish’s belly?
How billow-like and boisterously grand?

We feel the floods surging over us, we sound with him to the dwell bottom of the waters; seaweed and all the slime of the sea about us, but what is the lesson that the book of Jonah teaches?
Liberians, it is a two-stranded lesson : a lesson to us all as sinful men and a lesson to Liberian leaders, pastors, evangelists, bloggers and teachers as a pilot of the living God.
As sinful men, it is a lesson to us all, because it is a story of the sin, hard-heartedness, suddenly awakened fears, the swift punishment, repentance, prayer, blogging and finally the deliverance and joy of Jonah. As with all sinners among men, the sin of this son of Amittai was in his wilful disobedience of the command of God … never mind now what command was or how conveyed … which he found as a hard command. But all things that God would have us do are hard for us to do – remember that. And hence He often commands us than endeavours to persuade. Then if we obey God, we must disobey ourselves; it is in this disobeying ourselves, wherein the hardness of obeying God consists.

While he was speaking these words, the howling of the shrieking, slanting storm added new power to the preacher, who, when describing Jonah’s sea-storm, seemed tossed by a storm himself. His deep chest heaved as with a ground-swell; his tossed arms seemed the warring elements at work. And the thunders that rolled away from off his swarthy brow and the light leaping from his eyes made his simple hearers look on him with a quick fear that was strange to them.

“Now behold Jonah taken up as an anchor and dropped into sea; when instantly an oily calmness floats out from the east and the sea is still, as Jonah carries down the gale with him, leaving smooth water behind.
He goes down in the whirling heart of such a master-less commotion that he scarce heeds the moment when he drops seeing into the yawning, jaws awaiting him. The whale shoots-to all his ivory teeth, like so many white bolts, upon his prison. Then Jonah prayed unto the lord out of the fish’s belly.
But observe his prayer, and learn a weighty lesson. For sinful as he is, Jonah does not weep and wail is just. He leaves all his deliverance to God, contenting himself with this, that spite of all his pains and pangs. He will still look toward His holy temple. And here, Liberians! Is true and faithful repentance; even how pleasing to God was this conduct in Jonah, is shown in the eventual deliverance of him from the sea and the whale.
My people, I do not place Jonah before you to be copied from his sin but I do place him before you as a model, for repentance. Sin not, but if you do, take heed to repent of it like Jonah.”

There now came a lull in his look, as he silently turned over the leaves of the book one more; at last standing motionless; with closed eyes, for the moment, seemed communing with God and himself.

“Then God spoke unto fish and from the shuddering cold and blackness of the sea, the whale came breeching up toward the warm and pleasant sun and all the delights of air and earth; and vomited out Jonah upon the dry land, when the word of the lord came second times.

And Jonah, bruising and beaten – his ears, like two sea shells still multitudinous of ocean, Jonah did the Almighty’s bidding.
What was that Liberians? Is just to preach and blog the truth.
Oh my people! That was it, is that other lesson.
Woe to the pilot of the living God who slights it.
Woe to him the world charms from gospel and blog.
Woe to him who seek to pour oil upon the waters, when God has brewed them into a gale.
Woe to him who would not be true, even though to be false were salvation.
Woe to him who as the great pilot, Paul has it, while preaching and blogging to others is cast away at the DAY OF THE LORD”.
He said no more, but slowly waving a benediction, covered his face with his hands and so remain kneeling, praying and blogging for the Republic of Liberia.

WHAT IS LIFE in Liberia?

March 19, 2009

What is Life in Liberia? …life means alot of things to different people of different back ground and culture.

In  Liberia, life is a link that calls for adquate perfection. One is incomplete until he or she is linked with others.  If and only if life should exist, there must be existance of BLOG in Liberia…where every body will live in the village of information, message,image and picture.

Unquestionaly, when you are not informed, you are deformed. Life could be meaningful if  whom you are, where you are and what you do is discorvered.

Many  destiney has been delayed or wasted  simply because they live under unlinked world. According to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Liberia-it is a right of everyone not a previlege to have equal access to information at all cost irrespective of distance.

Your legacy depends upon the number of people you linked or that linked with you everyday. Your highest divine call  is to make a change in ones life through information.

Liberian peace and cease fire Liberia stands as liberians joins the world (BLOG) to  solve people’s problem through information… ”it is godly”.

Hello world!

March 19, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!